Bücher, Motivation, Ziele, Lernen, Ideen, Hören, Konversation und Lachen

The Language

Toda aventura empieza con un sí.

Every Adventure begins with a "YES".

There is no place where a language is at home. It belongs to everyone and is therefore lived differently throughout the world.

What we do

Durch Bücher, Motivation, Ziele, Lernen, Ideen, Hören, Konversation und Lachen werden Sie in einem angenehmen Klima unterrichtet. Unser Ziel ist es, Ihnen persönlichen Raum zum Lernen zu schaffen. Wir möchten Ihnen nicht nur die Sprache vermitteln sondern auch die hispanische Kultur näher bringen. Unsere Priorität ist es, auf Sie persönlich einzugehen, Sie abzuholen, Sie nach Ihrem individuellen Rhythmus zu unterrichten und dadurch das Lernen bestmöglich zu unterstützen. Der Terminplan und die Unterrichtsorte können flexibel organisiert werden. Lassen Sie sich motivieren und tauchen Sie ein in die faszinierende Welt des Spanisch.


more than 523 Million native Speakers

30 Countries where the Language is spoken.

under it are

Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and many more

¡Hasta la vista!

our Range

The first Lesson is free

Private Lessons

CHF 75 per Lesson / Person 90 Minutes

Semi-Private (2 Persons)

CHF 55 per Lesson / Person 90 Minutes

Group Lesson (3-6 People)

CHF 40 per Lesson / Person 90 Minutes

further Offers all after Arrangement

- Courses and Workshops for Retirees
- Group private Lessons for Companies
- Holiday preparation Courses 2-3 Months (Vocabulary customizable)
- Conversation Courses

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Mariela & Nancy


Hagas lo que hagas, hazlo con pasión.

Do what you need to do, but do it with Passion.

Mariela Müller Romo

I studied tourism and have been teaching in Central and Northern Switzerland since 2004. I live in Ebikon, I am married and mother of two girls. In Lucerne, I continued to educate myself as a Spanish teacher and playgroup leader. I have many years of professional experience and give Spanish lessons to retirees, private individuals, children and pharmaceutical and trade employees. My hobbies are hiking, traveling and culture. Spanish is a big passion for me. I am flexible, dedicated and I am happy to help the students to come out and enjoy the Spanish speaking.

Nancy Bucher Muñoz 

 Born in Colombia, I grew up in Ecuador since I was six. There I studied art history and then hotelerie. I completed the training to teach DELE. Together with my husband, I live since 1996 in Switzerland in Emmenbrücke. I am mother of a girl and a boy. In 2005 I started teaching in different language schools in Lucerne. As a Spanish teacher, I enjoy teaching both private and group lessons to our students. As a teacher, for me it is one of the best moments to open a new door to another culture for the students.


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